We believe people make companies—not the other way around. We cut our teeth as managers and operators and we know what goes into building a successful business.
Gregg Throgmartin

Gregg Throgmartin

Gregg Throgmartin is founder and CEO of the Vista Verde Group. As serial entrepreneur he’s focused on bringing resources and expertise to emerging businesses across various industries. Prior to starting Vista Verde Group, Gregg most recently served as President of Fabletics leading the organization to become one of the largest on-line retailers of women’s activewear globally reaching over $270m of annualized revenue.

Gregg strongly believes that “Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily” (James J. Corbett), which he learned growing up in the retail business. He started as a warehouse employee at HHGregg, a family-owned company, went on to lead store teams on the sales floor, and eventually rose to become the COO. During his tenure, the company expanded from 35 stores to 228 stores, and grew from $300 million to $2.5 billion in annual revenue.Gregg also serves on the boards of several companies: OurHealth, a company that operates onsite healthcare clinics for employers; HopeBridge, a company that offers a wide range of pediatric outpatient therapy services; ClusterTruck, a company that is revolutionizing food delivery with world-changing technology; Skin Laundry, a company that offers affordable and convenient skin treatment; and Junior Achievement of Southern California, an organization that seeks to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.He is an avid foodie who loves to travel and play golf, and on occasion, has the fortune of rolling all three passions into vacations with his wife and two girls.
Dennis May

Dennis May

Dennis possesses deep knowledge across a broad range of business skills, lending him the ability to work in many industries and solve a variety of organizational challenges. At Vista Verde Group, he has made Hopebridge one of the fastest-growing behavioral health companies in the U.S. Prior to that, he took appliance and electronics company HHGregg from $200 million to $2.5 billion. He’s negotiated over 400 leases across the U.S. and built high-performing teams in multiple industries. He believes the best leaders are those who demonstrate a strong work ethic, honesty and the ability to recognize and drive the right metrics.


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